E-Commerce Consulting

Project success and customer satisfaction are our top priority. Our numerous e-commerce projects allowed us to gain considerable experience, which we are ready to share, either it concerns strategic or technical aspects of your online store. We are your competent partner in reaching your e-commerce goals in the best possible way.

Reasons for consultation

  • Sales growth
  • Conversion rate increase
  • Usability improvement
  • Website traffic analysis
  • Customer journey analysis
  • Visitors segmentation
  • Bug fixing in online store
  • Loading time optimization
  • Customer loyalty analysis
  • Efficiency control of online marketing, online advertising, SEO, and other services
  • Cancellation and returns analysis


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Sustainable success can be reached only by means of the coherent strategy. It creates the basis for your online activities and contributes to the achievement of the long term goals. Only close cooperation can give us an opportunity to carry out a thorough analysis, find out potentials, develop and implement possible alternatives.


You can sell via eBay, Amazon, and other channels in order to get the sustainable efficiency. The partnership program can also contribute to your success.

Social Commerce

Be active in the SNS, make close contacts with your customers in order to promote your product.

Marketing and SEO

Qualitative and informative content, effective online and email marketing campaigns highly promote sales.


Our diversified technology portfolio and long experience allow us to offer the elaborate and practical suggestions for your e-commerce solution, its infrastructure and processes. The optimization of the shop system and its technology is the most essential requirement for the sustainable success.

System Choice and Optimization

Depending on your requirements and objectives we will choose and improve a proper shop system for you.

Server and Infrastructure

For your solution we choose the appropriate infrastructure, configure your server so that you achieve the optimal performance and loading time.

Process Optimization

We analyze and optimize your processes in order to give you an opportunity to focus on the sales growth.

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